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Bouclème is a new specialist natural hair care brand

for people with curly hair. The range is made from

100% natural botanicals, it has 0% sulphates, silicones

and parabens. The strategy was to reflect the beauty of curls in a modern, confident and contemporary way.


In order to identify that this is a bespoke product for curly hair the packaging range has an ‘Op art’  tapered spiral which wraps around the bottle, its form beautifully connects with the brand proposition, ‘curls redefined’.

A bold, refreshing colour palette was inspired by the natural citrus-based fragrances of the products; this completely differentiates itself from the competition.


The result is a brand that has a unique presence,

both physically and digitally, and a design system

that has range extension (another 10 products are

currently in production).




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