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Salomon are renowned for building quality products

for extreme sports. An identity and design language

was required for their inaugural snowboard range

which had been developed over several years.


The ‘spirale’ logo was created to symbolise motion

and freedom of the sport. One of the logo principles

is that when placed on the base of a snowboard it should maintain optimum visual exposure, regardless

of direction or angle it is viewed from.

The first board range featured a series of single-colour topsheets to emphasize product purity. It was this

visual statement of honesty that helped gain the

product respect from a new customer base. It was

an effective juxtaposition against the visual noise

of snowboard sub-culture.


The popularity of the‘spirale’ logo was so well

received by both company and customers alike that

it was adopted as the main Salomon brand logo. Subsequent sub-brands, advertising and retail design guidelines projects followed for inline skates, hiking

and snowblades.


Designed with Neville Brody



Inaugural snowboard range


Ski bindings

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