Simon Griffin

Creative Direction

Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior


Økonomi- og Indenrigsministeriet is a newly formed Danish Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior. The ministry required an identity and supporting

design language.


All Danish Ministries carry an interpretation of the crown

which is visually tailored to their respective departments.

The crown logo takes inspiration from the monetary

system and is created using exact coin dimensions.


A series of colours were developed with a signature green inspired by the natural copper patina of the parliament building roof. This was tempered with

a cupronickel grey originating from the colour of

the coinage.

Print and digital deliverables included; brand guidelines, website, stationery, press banners, identity cards, PowerPoint presentations, signage and quarterly

fiscal reports.


Henrik Kjerrumgaard, Press Officer and Special Adviser

“Our new logotype and identity is instantly modern, underpinned by acurate research. The contemporary
design has authority, relevance and great appeal.”


Designed with Howard Wakefield

Photography Nicolai Perjesi


Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines spreads

Morten Østergaard, Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior


Quarterly financial reports

ID Badge


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