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Radikale Venstre are the Danish Social Liberal Party. Part of their ‘grass roots’ politics is that no-one is forced to use their official design or even logo and as a consequence only 5% were using the previous identity as it was generally disliked. They looked unorganised and disjointed - this lost them a great deal of seats in

the last election.


All Danish parties are designated with a letter which alphabetically lists them on ballot papers. Det Radikale Venstre’s letter B is integrated as part of the identity as

a constant reminder of the party’s ballot paper position.

A rounded lowercase typeface coupled with the uppercase B produces a logo that idiosyncratic to Danish Politics. Its clarity ensures the logo supports

all communications, without overpowering the

main message.


The percentage using the new identity dramatically

rose from 5 to 86%. In the 2009 polls, Radikale were

at 3.6% and by the General Election of 2011 this had dramatically increased to 9.5%, resulting in them forming the Government with the Social Democrats.


Henrik Kjerrumgaard, Press Officer

“Design has played integral part of our success,

we now have a system that works.”


Designed with Howard Wakefield


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