Simon Griffin

Creative Direction

Nike Regrind


Regrind™ is patented technology developed to

eliminate waste and aid product lifecycle by using

old footwear. Once the products are collected they

are ground up and separated into various material

categories. Following this process the material can

then be used to make, synthetic athletic tracks,

tennis courts and playground surfaces.


A showcase for Regrind™ was required for

NikeTown London, by displaying in-store products

made from the recycled material. These included,

chairs, benches and mats.

The identity and design language had to complement the showcase, at the top level this was achieved by using large format statements, showing real term ratios of the number of old products needed to create new ones. The statements were displayed on products and in-store fixtures including, gondolas to wall bays and footwear walls to column wraps with promenance.


Designed with Simon Smith


In-store furniture

In-store promotional banners

Regrind fitness mat


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