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Newlyn School of Art


Newlyn School of Art is a dynamic and innovative art school based in the heart of the famous artistic colony

of Newlyn, Cornwall. It offers an array of courses in disciplines including; painting, drawing, printmaking, pottery, stone carving and fabric design. These courses are taught by over 30 of the most well known artists working in Cornwall today.

They required an identity with both print and digital applications to promote the school. The typeface used

in the identity derives from a heritage reference of the hallmark used on Newlyn Copper artefacts.


The DL booklet format is designed for prominence

in tourism literature stands and is cost effective to

send via post. In order to differentiate the brochure

both visually and physically it has a concertina step

fold, these steps carry the colour codes for each respective course with accompanying descriptions.

Course booklet

Course booklet content

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